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Myths and Misconceptions About Pest Control

Pest control is a science, whether we’d like to think of it that way or not. Our specialists are not only trained in the use of high-tech equipment and devices, but we also need to learn about how pests operate. What they consume, where they lay eggs, and most importantly where they can hide when a pest control specialist is trying to get rid of them. This is why correct knowledge is so important. How can you intend to pay us for our services if we can’t get rid of pests properly on a regular basis?

Well, we can and we do! But in order to do that we need to sift the myths and misconceptions from the truths about pest control in Collegeville, PA. That’s what today’s blog is going to be about. We’ll separate fact from fiction and help customers get the services they need.

Bugs Won’t Come Into a Clean House

This is a common misconception that’s surrounded by stigma and shame. People simply think that some people deserve pests because their home is dirty, while others will never deal with pests. This is simply not true and it’s a misconception that can actively cause people to not call for professional help when they need it.

Pests mainly invade homes for warmth and shelter, which means that they’ll be found inside of any home, clean or dirty. Sure, food particles and other messes can make it harder to locate and eliminate pests, but clean homes have their fair share of pest problems. The state of someone’s home should never be a signal as to whether or not they’re more prone to dealing with pests.

Pets Will Get Rid of Pests

We’ve all seen dogs and cats catch and eat bugs or mice. Surely your furry friends will protect your home, right? Well, not exactly.

Domesticated animals don’t hunt pests for two main reasons. The first is that we’ve trained them to be docile, sweet, and snuggly, so they’d much rather just sleep all day and play around than hunt for food.

The second thing is that we voluntarily feed our pets healthy food, which means they don’t really need to hunt for their food. Also, pests are not a good source of food for many of our pets, so we’d rather your dogs stick to dog food, and you let us remove the pests!

The Cold Will Kill Off Pests

Unfortunately, there are too many people who simply think that once winter comes, pests will be eliminated as long as you shut the heater off for a day when you’re on vacation. The truth is that this won’t work and will just make things worse.

One of the reasons why this doesn’t work is because, when it comes to bugs like fleas, the pests of the population aren’t the main concern—it’s the eggs. Flea and other pest eggs can survive in extremely harsh conditions like heat and cold, and they can fit inside your drains or under carpets, making it so that they’ll outlast whatever temperature strategies you might employ.

Many pests can simply be fine in extreme cold, and you’ll be risking your comfort for no reason.

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